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hello! i’m sorry for putting this in the tags but i have like 2 followers ok. anyway thanks to my lucky stars, i (well and my boyfriend i guess) have miraculously managed to preorder 2 premium die jung sets oh my jesus. anyway instead of cancelling the order, i’ve decided to give one away…. none of my friends really like exo so woohoo
so, rules n stuff

☆ what you get a die jungs, aka exo’s first photobook, premium set! this includes the m, k, and exo versions which isn’t much different from buying all 3 but i think you get more photo cards so yasss.  i’ve heard it’s sold out…… wink wink
☆ what you have to do reblog this post! uh likes don’t really count? idk why but i feel like if you really want it you will reblog! it! and mess up your archive i know but hey it’s life. also if you’re under 18, please get your parent’s permission. i don’t want you or me getting in trouble omg
☆ what you don’t have to do follow me! if i limited this to followers that wouldn’t do much bc like i said i don’t have that many haha;; but if you wanna be my friend pls do (ˊॢo̶̶̷̤◡ुo̴̶̷̤ˋॢ)
☆ etc. international shipping / there’ll be one winner and they have 48 hrs to respond / keep your ask open / don’t spam / no giveaway blogs none of that 
☆ we ordered them from different websites so the shipping time varies, but i don’t wanna rush this so giveaway ends september 19 at midnight pst!


pigeons are so dumb I love them so much

"dumb" my ass, you’d do this too if you could

Tao's birthday party @ 130713 SSTP


As promised, here is the Nitro+CHiRAL resources masterpost, click the links below for downloads, if anything is broken please let me know.
↳DRAMAtical Murder




↳Lamento - Beyond the Void -


↳Togainu no Chi


↳Sweet Pool


If there is anything missing or anything you would liked ripped from the games which you can’t find here just drop me an ask and I’ll see what I can do. No credit necessary. Please enjoy them ^-^
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