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✩ Covet

Main Pairing: Tao/Kris

Side Pairing: Tao/Yifan

Genre: AU, Historical, smut

Warnings: Adult content, non-con/rape, OOC

Rating: NC-17

Chapters: 1/5

Summary: When Tao was married off at the tender age of eighteen to a much higher-ranking nobleman Wu Yifan for his family’s benefit, Tao accepted his fate to a life void of love. But when Tao meets humble Li Kris of the solider regiment, Tao begins to wonder if the fire bubbling inside him can be considered love.

marry me you fool

japanese vs finnish




Japanese: hai, aisenai - yes, not love

Finnish: hai, ai se nai - shark, oh it’s fucking



Japanese:Koko sukunai - There’s only few/little bit (of something in here) Finnish: Koko suku nai - The whole family fucks


Japanese: kakka (閣下) - your Excellency; your Highness
Finnish: kakka - poop


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luhan and his sasaeng fan zitao

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